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Corporate & Leisure Travel Agency
MOTTO: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

  • Tourism is the world’s largest industry, responsible for more than one in ten jobs globally.
  • There were one billion international travelers by the year 2010, according to the World Tourism Organization.
  • Business travel accounts for approximately 9% of all international travel. Business tourism is a fast-growing, lucrative market segment. Travel expenses have become the second or third largest controllable expense for most corporations engaged in business travel.

ABOUT US – WHO WE ARE                            

  • FULL SERVICE tour operator travel agency, set up in 2008, travel license no. 4720/14.03.2011.Our main object of activity is represented by the business tourism
  • Recently the agency focused its activity also on corporate travel services:  organizing of conferences, team buildings, workshops, seminars, events, management meetings, etc.
  • Our second, but not less important objective is the leisure tourism: custom made packages on each client demand and budget, exotic destinations, charter packages, circuits, and many others

Our commitment to tailored solutions and service ensures maximum return on any travel investment. 


Our service model provides value to our clients by:

  • Young, flexible and up to date team; our professional staff and project managers are known for their dynamic and innovative operation, which has proven itself time and time again in the conception and management of movement and turning every idea and tour into reality. 
  • Delivering highly-personalized, efficient and innovative travel services;
  • Providing reductions in travel costs to generate a positive return on investment from our services;
  • Tailored, end-to-end travel service for clients;
  • Expert advice and guidance for discerning vacation travelers; each client has a dedicated experienced person  to deal with
  • 24-hrs assistance; We offer full around the clock, 24 hours assistance, including week-ends, in emergency situations you may call us at any time of day.
  • Following the client throughout their journey, giving information, consultancy, online check in, on the spot crisis management
  • WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: delivering creative solutions for your trips

OUR SERVICES                                                 
Ama Travel is a full service travel agency providing both business/corporate and leisure services

  • 1. Business/Corporate Travel Services-We can offer you the best value in corporate travel

The agency offers services and consultancy for planning, developing and finalizing success fully any kind of business trips:  airline tickets local and international, for individuals or groups with a special regime (from submission of proposals to check-in online, favorite places on the plane, supervision of loyalty programs provided by the airlines), accommodation in Romania and abroad, other transportation types:  train, bus, transfers, rent a car, etc.

Ama Travel is directly connected to:

    • The largest dedicated online reservation systems for flights, accommodations,
    • International tourism agencies,
    • Direct foreign partners,

All of which have as effect delivery of high quality offers at an extremely advantageous price, and in maximum financial security conditions. This allows us to offer air transport services - booking and issuing tickets online through both airlines that have regular flights (with or without stop) and low cost companies, using the fastest routes reported to the nature and urgency of the mission.
For destinations where there are not direct flights, we offer alternative indirect routes (any combination of airlines, in order to get the best price and the best flight schedule).
Through the consultancy  system offered by Ama Travel to corporate clients, both during the booking period and trip, we ensure the monitoring of ticket reservation, inform the client of issuing conditions and flight schedules changes occurred during the trip, customize each trip according to passenger preferences by allocating seats per flight, providing online check-in, introducing loyalty cards provided by the airlines, so, when the tourist arrives at the airport, to get its  luggage, if any.

List with reservation systems and databases we have access to ensure travel abroad:
AMADEUS SELLING PLATFORM: booking system for airline tickets, car rental accommodations.
EXPEDIA: booking flight tickets, rent a car, booking accommodations, low costs
GO GLOBAL TRAVEL: online system for accommodations in approximately 80,000 hotels worldwide.
SPECIAL TOURS: specialized accommodations online system for Europe with preferential rates for England, Greece, Italy.
WORLD DESTINATION: Booking accommodation and transfers, locations in Middle East, Asia, Australia
VANILLA TOURS, partners based in Istanbul: Reservations, accommodations and international transfers

DERTOUR: packages, charters, reservations, accommodations and transfers
TUI: packages, charters, reservations, accommodations and transfers
NECKERMAN: packages, charters, reservations, accommodations and transfers
THOMAS COOK: packages, charters, reservations, accommodations and transfers
REISEN, JT, MEIERS: packages, charters, reservations, accommodations and transfers
GENERALI ASIGURARI: Online travel insurances
The agency guarantees high quality services, financially safe, through its insurance policies system.
The agency has a policy of insurance and reinsurance for refund of money paid by tourists in case of insolvency or bankruptcy, insurance policy accredited by the Ministry of Tourism.
By partnering with the insurance company GENERALI, AMA TRAVEL agency has the means and ability to ensure tourism travel insurance for people making trips outside the country, the type of insurance offered being “comprehensive travel insurance"

We have access to the lowest rates both domestic and international flights, hotels and car rentals
Added-value services/Concierge Services - Specially designed to take the hassle andworry out of your journeys and to make youtravel less stressful and far more enjoyable

  • Airport Meet and Assist
  • Chauffeured Airport Transfers , Car rental
  • Interpreters/Translations/Local Guides-Local information on Demand
  • Online Check-in
  • Rail services
  • Restaurant/Theatre/Spa/Sports Bookings

Visa services - Ama Travel offers you information and support to make you get in real time all the necessary data about legislation, documents, etc., in order to help you in the process of obtaining visas.

  • 2. Corporate events segment

2.1. Motivational and Incentive Travel

  • Can help an organization achieve its business goals, such as increasing sales, reducing employee turnover and improving company morale.
  • Incentive travel utilizes unique travel experiences to motivate and recognize employees for outstanding performance.
  • We developed a special product:HOLIDAY TRAVEL VOUCHER - It is an effective and interesting way to reward employees, loyal customers but friends. For more details, we can send a presentation on request.

2.2 Client entertainment
2.3 Staff entertainment(team buildings, events, etc)
2.4 Conferences and meetings

  • product launches
  • management meetings, conventions
  • training courses, work-shops
  • business presentations
  • Annual General meetings

We work with you to find the best combination offacilities, services and resources to plan and manage your event, conference, convention or meetings:

  • Negotiation and coordination with all major suppliers
  • Venue sourcing
  • All modes of travel & transfer management (air, helicopter, train, boat, bus, car, etc.)
  • Food & beverage management (catering, restaurants, etc.)
  • Attendee management (registration list, rooming list, breakout sessions, table planning, etc.)
  • Welcome management (badges, hostesses, etc.)
  • On-site signage

3. Leisure services
In terms of leisure travel services, Ama Travel are specializes in standard but also custom services where personnel creativity combines effectively with the price values ​​offered.


  • Home and international airplane tickets;
  • Accommodation and hotels booking all over the country: cities, towns, resorts;
  • Single trips abroad, done directly through external travel agencies and by means of online reservation systems;
  • Charter touristic packages, tailor made on each holiday season, with transport, hotel, transfers and everything included;
  • Custom made packages on each client demand;
  • Circuits: organized trips with specialized assistance from the agency, which can combine plane with bus and train, accommodation in different locations, visits to main touristic objectives;
  • Online medical insurance;
  • Rent–a-car in Romania and abroad;
  • Thematic packages: George Enescu Festival, Theme Park , Sound of Music, others;
  • Transfers in Romania and abroad;
  • Tours in main Europe cities;
  • Circuits in Romania for international tourists; ;
  • Special services: Train tickets, tickets to any entertainment event: opera, concerts, shows
  • Any information about Romania like: city info’s, transport means, customs, currency, shopping, etc.;

Our customers are provided with an information kit. The kit contains necessary details about the destination such as: geographical information, political situation, visa requirements, vaccinations, currency and exchange rates, credit cards, local tips and much more.


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